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Swope Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Automotive

Re-Roofs/MR-24 Metal Square Feet 40,000 re-roof 3,000 s.f. addition Project Location Elizabethtown, KY Construction Dates 10-1-17 thru 4-1-2019 phased process while keeping business open End User Automotive

This project is a 40,000 sf. re-roof project with a small 3000 sf additions for service entry and interior remodel for Swope Automotive in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

The project will has a Butler metal building structure addition with an MR-24 standing machine seamed metal over metal insulated re-roof system.  The project will have the Jeep image added to to the façade once approved.  The inside will have new lights, ceiling repairs, upgraded HVAC, upgraded floor drains, and new service department expansions.

The re-roof was difficult in that the project had several penetrations to close off and re-route /abandon prior pass through openings in the current roof.  The new re-roof was done while the company was in business.  There was liner panel added as well to the bottom of the existing metal purlins inside.   This removed approximately 48 roof penetrations off the roof system.

The project is designed and built by Lichtefeld, Inc.