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Rivergreen Fire Restoration

Trucking Facilities, Public Services Buildings Square Feet 15,000 s.f. Project Location Port Road - River Port - Louisville, Ky. Construction Dates 4-15-19 thru 5-30-2019 End User Water Recycle Plant

Lichtefeld, Inc designed and built this building in 2013 for Rivergreen Recycling.  The building had a truck fire inside the building in 2019 damaging about 1/3 of the building via smoke, fire, heat, warped metal walls, etc.  Lichtefeld, Inc. was hired by the owner to demo the burned portions of the building, replace insulation, liner panel, roof panels, wall panels, girts, purlins, bracing, doors, framed openings, all trims, gutters and downspouts.  The project will be coordinated with the owner and his equipment company for scheduling in stages removing old equipment as well as new equipment.  Once the materials are delivered we are looking at a three month process.