Fred J. Lichtefeld

Fred J. Lichtefeld

President 1918-1944

The Person

Born in 1895 Fred J. Lichtefeld began his career as a carpenter apprentice at the age of 15 working for the Frey Planing Mill Company located on Breckenridge St. Also working for the Mill Company was Fred Metzner a bookkeeper for the company. The two became friends while working there and decided to leave Frey Planing to begin a new venture in the construction business. The partnership, called ‘Lichtefeld Metzner & Company’, established in 1918. Metzner was responsible for the in-office duties of accounting and estimating while Lichtefeld handled sales and hands on field construction management.

The company expanded their capabilities into the custom home building industry in the early 1920’s gradually working up to large upscale residential homes. Most recognized homes were in Glenview, River Road, Prospect, and the Lexington road areas. Lichtefeld Metzner was recognized as one of the most reputable homebuilders in Louisville. A most notable historic home constructed by Lichtefeld was the Will S. Speed home off Lexington, road.

Fred J. Died of a heart attack in 1948.