New Sky Lights Butler Manufacturing MR-24
By Paul Lichtefeld Feb 20, 2017

New Sky Lights Butler Manufacturing MR-24

Add Natural Light to Your Building

NEW RetroLite™ Daylight System/Butler SunLite Strip™ and RetroLite™

Lichtefeld Inc. and Butler manufacturing is pleased to announce an addition to our current SunLite Strip™ daylighting system. The new RetroLite™ Daylight System is a 10’ Stand-Alone unit specifically designed to replace old fiberglass Butler Lite*Panel® products installed in existing MR-24® and CMR-24® roof systems. Units are field located and field work of the roof panel is required. RetroLite literature and brochures will follow this bulletin at a later date. A summary of how to order this exciting new product is provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the RetroLite Daylight System was developed as a replacement for existing in-place Butler Lite*Panl® products, every condition is unique. Careful review of existing conditions is highly recommended. In some cases other standard solutions may be more suitable such as combining SunLite Strip 10’ Up Slope and 5’ Down Slope units. PleaseLichtefeld Inc for  installation proceedures before making a final product decision. There are a number of  products that can be ordered: SunLite Strip Packages: 10’ Standalone, 10’ MultiUnit, 10’ Up Slope End Unit and both the 10’ and 5’ Down Slope End Units RetroLite Package Accessories: Safety Cage Package, Security Bar Package, Expansion Joint Package, and Trim Packages for MR-24, CMR-24 and the ThermaLiner™ insulation system to upgrade your current buildng roof system.  There are a number of components: lenses, diverters, side rails, battens, insulation rolls, double faced tape, expansion joints, safety cages, security bars, mastic, and fasteners, etc.

Ordering – RetroLite and SunLite Strip products may be ordered in one of two ways Online via Bulter Manufacturing or Through Lichtefeld Inc.

Components – Products may be ordered by individual component by entering a part number or description in the search field or by selecting Parts/Roof and Wall Parts/ SunLite Strip from the left menu and scrolling through a list of parts to choose from. Package Pricing – Another option is to use “Package Pricing” . Package Pricing allows you to select the RetroLite or SunLite Strip units required. This method produces a complete list of all parts necessary to install the daylighting unit chosen. After selecting, enter the quantity desired and select ‘View Parts in this Package’. You may then edit the package contents before clicking the ‘Add Items to Shopping Cart’ button. To price and order a SunLite Strip Unit for CMR-24 or the ThermaLiner insulation system, first price the SunLite Strip Unit and then price the trim package that matches your roof panel condition. Hint: When selecting a package, print a copy of the package detail and keep with your records, so you have a drawing illustrating which parts belong with which unit ordered. Guaranteed Freight – SunLite Strip and RetroLite products are also included in the BEPS Guaranteed Freight offering for all site locations within the contiguous 48 states.
If your current sky lights are faded, dingy, stained, brittle, and not working efficiently Call Lichtefeld, Inc. for a free consultation.

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