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  • Butler Builders : As an authorized builder for Butler Manufacturing Company, Lichtefeld Incorporated represents the recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of pre-engineered metal building systems. Since 1901, Butler Manufacturing has built a reputation as the world’s leading producer of pre-engineered metal building systems. The vast product lines of structural steel systems, steel wall panels, and metal roof panels offer an affordable solution to virtually any type of facility. The Butler system can receive just about any type of exterior wall material system i.e. including multi-story pre-cast concrete wall systems, concrete tilt wall systems, store front glass systems, brick and block systems, metal stud wall systems, dyrvit and stucco systems, just about any exterior wall type can be applied to the Butler building structure.
  • Custom Engineered systems : The Lichtefeld/Butler team offers product innovation, quality, knowledge, and experience to successfully build a tailored product or specific facility to meeting the needs of any building owner. We encourage you to take a closer look and discover the benefits of a completely custom engineered metal building system by Butler Manufacturing.
  • Design/build general contractor : Lichtefeld Incorporated specializes in providing general contracting and construction management services for commercial, industrial, and institutional building programs. Our company has enjoyed a solid rate of growth by maintaining a customer-based philosophy, which emphasizes working together with architects, engineers, and other professionals to meet the desired project objectives. Lichtefeld Incorporated provides extensive capabilities to design and construct a building that meets our operational expectations. A project begins with the clients’ goals during pre-planning lead by Lichtefeld’s experienced team. Our services continue with financing, planning and design services, overall project management and estimating services, soil investigations, site development, site construction, building construction, and final acquisitions of the certificate of occupancy.
  • Alternative methods : If your project does not fit within the pre-engineered realm, our design/build team will put together the project using conventional methods of construction. In many cases we have designed the project under conventional steel methods and even wood framed conventional methods only to find out through cost comparisons that the pre-engineered metal building method is more economical for the client. Our Mission Statement reflects our goal to investigate the construction method that best suits the clients needs regarding value for  our client’s respective budget. Because we are developers as well as contractors we design our buildings as if they were our own. We build your building as if it were our own project from start through final certificate of occupancy.