Nichols Elementary School

Schools and Churches Square Feet 31,000 s.f. renovation project Project Location 10665 Hwy. 44 West, West Point, Kentucky Construction Dates Start June 8th, 2009 to May 30, 2010 End User School, Elementary

Renovation project and building addition for 31,000 s.f.  Work includes asbestos abatement, new floor, ceilings, windows, restrooms, kitchen, new vestibule entry, electrical, communication systems, HVAC systems, site work, storm sewers, water line, fire sprinkler, and resurface asphalt work.  Major work was done during the summer months ready for school session in September.  The remaining project was done during school and after hours to work with the school being in session under tight constraints.  Several safety measures were at hand and certain work had to be done after hours. The project was phased in several steps and completed on time with in a years time frame.

This was a public bid awarded to Lichtefeld, Inc. by Bullitt County School Systems.