Houston-Johnson, Inc. Expansion #2

Distribution Centers Square Feet 40,000 s.f. Project Location 13200 Complete Court - Louisville, Kentucky Construction Dates 8-1-14 thru 12-30-14 End User Warehouse distribution

This 40,000 s.f. warehouse building addition is noted as phase #3.  The original square footage completed in 2005 was approximately 82,500 s.f.  Growth was immediate in 2006 and therefore another 37,500 s.f. was added on as phase #2 for a total of 120,000 s.f. in 2006.  This addition will complete the overall development to it’s final capacity.  The total 160,000 s.f. building will allow HJI to inventory product for companies such as Ford Motor Company for just in time delivery.

This project was designed and built by Lichtefeld, Inc. partnered with Mike Prindle.